Kivijärvi Resort

Trees make you happy

See the concept and architectural images of Kivijärvi Resort

Kivijärvi Resort offers activities and accommodation; feel-good services and amazing experiences in nature. Our key idea is to preserve the unique nature and create buildings that suit the delicate coniferous forest and landscape.

We are making your wish of more nature and experiences come true

People long for a connection to nature. A current international travel trend is high-quality holiday destinations with beautifully designed buildings. These resorts are sights to be seen in themselves. Kivijärvi Resort has all of these. Experience an unforgettable stay elevated above water or woods, and touch and feel nature every second of your stay. Kivijärvi Resort is a place to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Kivijärvi’s niliaitta cabins are set on a pillar amongst the trees

The Niliaitta cabin in Kivijärvi Resort is a sight to be seen and experienced. This 30-sq-metre cabin with all amenities rises to four metres. It is a bird’s nest that invites you to calm and savour the moment among the trees. Listen to the sounds and take in the scents of the forest. A glass wall opens a new view to the coniferous forest and to the lake.

This type of building minimises the burden on nature. There will be 26 cabins in total and the first cabin was completed in November 2020.

The Niliaitta cabins are bringing back a nearly forgotten way of building and offer a unique piece of culture to holiday makers. Culture is determined by how a community solves its problems. In the days gone by a niliaitta cabin was an ingenious solution to preserving food in the wilderness of Lapland. Now the elevated cabins offer a unique holiday experience.

Cabins on the ground

The studio cabins have a lofty air while standing sturdy on nature’s ground. These cabins are perfect for artists to stay and work in. They offer space for a large group but also allow individual spaces for peace and quiet. The neighbouring cabins are near, yet each cabin has perfect unobstructed views to nature. We are planning to build 17 loft studio cabins.

Cabins above water

Part of Kivijärvi Resort cabins will be set on pillars above water. Walk through the woods onto to the lake. Listen to the lapping of waves and take in the serene scenery and light. The idea of the cabins elevated above water came from a traditional Kivijärvi boat shed. We are planning to build five cabins above water.

Well-being centre and a Nordic fores

There will be a well-being centre and a forest spa in Kivijärvi Resort which will offer treatments and versatile services to the guests. The well-being centre will have comprehensive services including the finest treatments and activities, and a café restaurant with an elevated deck, perfect for enjoying the views. Hotel standard accommodation will be situated on the second floor.

The forest spa will be a new type of Nordic spa, a Kivijärvi version of a Japanese onsen spa. The spa will include a harmonious sauna area with baths and a gorgeous outdoor pool area open all year round.

Sauna and conference facilities by the lake

On the waterfront – partly above water – we are planning to build a unique sauna and conference facilities.

This area is a paradise for nature lovers

The Kivijärvi area is particularly suited to travellers who are seeking peace and well-being. This area is known for its wild nature, rapids, fish-filled lakes and true wilderness lifestyle. Kivijärvi Resort is situated near the Salamajärvi National Park that offers tranquillity and clean marshland air. There is about 70 km of signposted trekking trails.


See the concept and architectural images of Kivijärvi Resort

Our key idea is to preserve the unique nature and create buildings that suit the delicate coniferous forest and landscape.