Open a new hotel in a forest spa by Lake Kivijärvi

Hotel operators
The forest spa will be a new type of Nordic spa, a Kivijärvi version of a Japanese onsen spa. Most of the hotel rooms will have unobstructed lake and forest views.

Investment option

A hotel in the well-being centre that will consist of two atria.

  • One atrium will have a hotel, reception as well as treatment rooms and office spaces
  • Other will have a spa on the ground floor and restaurant facilities and a deck on the upper floor
  • It will be possible to build extensions or annexes later

Customer flow

  • Situated next to an international Holiday Club Hannunkiven Lomakylä that has 36 high-quality holiday homes and about 1,800 share owners. An international RCI destination open all year round.
  • Kivijärvi Resort will have a new holiday home area with approved planning for 48 cabins
  • Kivijärvi and the neighbouring municipalities are popular among holiday home owners. There are 760 holiday homes in Kivijärvi thus bringing a great number of holiday makers to the municipality in summer.
  • Number of overnight stays is about 280,000 per year of which paid accommodation accounts for 50,000
  • Visitor numbers in the nearby Salamajärvi National Park are on the rise: in 2019 there were 20,200 visitors
  • Events in northern Central Finland – visitors coming to the events
  • Tourists, motorcyclists on main road 58

Demand potential

  • People long for nature more and more – nature tourism, cycling on the rise
  • National parks at the forefront of international tourism – Salamajärvi and Pyhä-Häkki National Parks
  • Plenty of lakes and rivers: Lakes Kivijärvi and Heitjärvi, rapids – water/nautical tourism
  • International travel trend is high-quality holiday destinations that are sights to be seen in themselves. Distinctive wood architecture.

Added value for the visitors

  • Most of the hotel rooms have unobstructed lake and forest views
  • Pool area of the spa wrapped in nature allows year-round use
  • Sense of calm and a powerful connection to nature
  • Just 15 minutes in nature lowers the blood pressure, slows the heart-beat, deepens the breathing and relieves stress
Take contact

Municipal Manager, Municipality of Kivijärvi
044 4597 800

Tourism Manager, Kehittämisyhtiö Witas Oy
040 7031 205